Gary & Cassie Chapman
I have known June Lunn for many years.  Those years and that relationship made it very simple when deciding who would best represent my interest in selling my home.  The property is unique with many special touches…just like June. Honesty, integrity, perseverance and an unflappable positive attitude make working with her a pleasure.  She is a rare find as a friend and agent.
Gary & Cassie Chapman
Walnut Hill Estate

John & Stephanie Willis
John and I had just remodeled our condo the year before our wedding and had an incredible studio built in the basement by Carl Tatz Designs. We loved the condo, but it was always in the back of our minds that we'd eventually need a bigger home for a family, John's guitar collection and my shoes, but we were convinced it would be too difficult to find a bigger home with space for a studio in the Hillsboro-West End neighborhood. I called June, knowing she would understand our need to live in a great neighborhood but also be near Music Row, and gave her a few specific things to be on the lookout for (assuming it would take years to find). One week later, she called and said, "I've found the perfect home for you right down the road from your condo!" Completely shocked that she'd found a large, brand new home in our neighborhood, we had Carl Tatz visit with us to talk about a home studio plan. Within one month, we were in the house, the studio construction had started, and the guitar and shoe collections had room to grow with our family. Targeting the music industry, June also sold our condo to an audio engineer, which made us happy! We couldn't stand the idea of the studio turning into an office or storage room.

June is the wife of a session musician with a home studio and has worked right in the middle of the music business for years. She understands our needs, and we couldn't have been in more capable hands!  We recommend her to everyone!

~Stephanie & John Willis
Owner of Willis Sound

Kip & Valerie Summers

"When we decided to move closer to the winery, we knew there was only one person who could take us from where we were to where we wanted to be.  In a not-so-great economy, June sold our house in record-time and diligently worked to put us in the house of our dreams. We hope to never move again, but if we do, June will be our only call."

Kip & Valerie Summers
Co-owners of Arrington Vineyards

Sean & Anelda Spence
I met June when I moved to Nashville from South Africa in order to set up and open a recording studio. To say this was a tough transitional time would be a gross understatement and to say that June was pretty much a lifesaver couldn’t be high enough praise.

On a professional level, June is the consummate expert. I was searching for a house with the goal of building a quality studio. June knew exactly the type of house and space needed and showed me one suitable house after another. Since I was new to the area, June advised on me on which areas to look at and the pros and cons of the two counties we were shopping in.  While viewing, she was keenly aware of additional factors that influenced studio design and functioning; things like ceiling height, HVAC functioning, privacy, access for cartage, the right location; the list is truly long. When we felt a house was a strong candidate, June introduced me to Carl Tatz, an incredible studio designer who was exactly the man for the job. She called him to consult and advise further on the proposed space. In the end, June found us the perfect house and the semi-finished space in the basement would eventually become The Blue Grotto, a studio named one of the top 20 new studios in the world by Mix magazine.

On a personal level, June's integrity is only surpassed by her kindness. As mentioned, this was certainly a tumultuous time and June was like a rock to me. She treated me like one of her own children, not merely a passing client or income stream. To this day, we are still friends and the friendship is highly valued.

 June is the kind of person I have no doubts about recommending to others, and I regularly do. I know that she goes well above and beyond for her clients. 
Sean & Anelda Spence
Blue Grotto Sound